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Rage City Joins the Ranks of the WFTDA! Print

WFTDA LogoWFTDA Welcomes 6 New Members

March 1, 2011

WFTDA is pleased to announce that, as of March 1, 2011, six additional women’s flat track roller derby leagues have graduated WFTDA's Apprentice Program to become full members of the organization.

WFTDA congratulates the following new members:

Junction City Roller Dolls, of Ogden, Utah
Gold Coast Derby Grrls, of Broward County, Florida
Oklahoma City Roller Derby, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Choice City Rebels, of Fort Collins, Colorado
Terminal City Rollergirls, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rage City Rollergirls, of Anchorage, Alaska


WFTDA now comprises 110 member leagues. An additional 53 affiliated leagues are working their way through the WFTDA Apprentice Program, which is designed to act as a “WFTDA 101” tutorial. The Apprentice Program matches new leagues with an established WFTDA mentor who guides her apprentice through the processes and requirements necessary to become a full member. The amount of time a league needs to be in the Apprentice Program varies according to the needs and experience level of that league. New leagues are accepted to the Apprentice Program quarterly. The next group of graduates is anticipated in June 2011.


The six leagues graduating today are the latest to complete the program and can now enjoy the benefits of full WFTDA membership, which include a vote on decisions of the organization and eligibility for ranking and tournaments.

(Source - wftda.com)
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