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Member of the Year, Season 6: Professor D Print
Professor D
Dean is dedicated, he lives for derby. He is irreplaceable and typically has better attendance than the skaters. 
His passion for derby is contagious. One bout sitting next to him while he is running the penalty box can completely rejuvenate a girl's love of derby. 
Professor D's dedication to roller derby and our teams has improved our league's skill base and strategy knowledge.
Between the games he announces at a national level and the work he does locally with our league (bench managing, coaching and announcing) he does more research and more derby homework than anyone we know. Dean is different.  He doesn't want to own anyone but he wants Rage City to not only survive but grow and be the best it can be.  He is always thinking outside the box to make things happen and going above and beyond his call of duty to include using his miles to buy a skater a later ticket so she can play in one more game, helping a derby girl in trouble find a decent lawyer, lend the use of his tux to a derby girl no questions asked and he always has a pretty awesome pocket knife.  

Dean rocks the bench and he rocks in a tux.  

Professor D is always there, answers our questions, is passionate about derby and gives good honest feedback when asked.

Rage City's Member of the Year : Professor D. 

Photo by Dave Bedard of Flat Track Photography

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