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Rage City Maintains Dominance of Alaska Roller Derby Print

On March 6th, 2010, Anchorage’s Rage City Rollergirls hosted the Brawl of The Wild, an in-state rivalry bout against their sister league, The Fairbanks Rollergirls. This bout will remain memorable for all the right reasons. Rage City maintained its dominance over the only other league in the fledgling Alaska roller derby circuit, bringing home a clear 140-81 victory over Fairbanks. And, even though Rage City league president Lethal Lavender did pick up five majors in the first half, there was never any doubt that sportswomanship and integrity were exhibited by both teams.

Aside from the prices in the beer garden, the Anchorage roller derby fans were not disappointed.

The Brawl of the Wild was a rematch bout between both league’s travel teams. Fairbanks was looking to exact revenge for their severe beating by Rage City on May 17th, 2009. The May bout was Fairbanks’s inaugural bout, and they showed all the signs of a rookie team. It wasn’t until the second half of that bout that Fairbanks was even able to pick up points on consecutive jams -- too late to close the scoring gap. That bout ended 167-39.

That was not the same team that came south for the Brawl of The Wild. This Fairbanks team was coming off a recent close defeat at the hands of Terminal City’s Faster Pussycats, making Fairbanks hungry for a victory over Rage City, and far from timid. Their year of hard work and practice was evident: they skated aggressively with a finer, more in-tune, track knowledge. They were certainly not cocky, but there was no doubt that these derby dames were excited for the chance at revenge.

Of course, the lovely derby ladies skating for Rage City were fired up by the idea of continuing their derby dominance of the final frontier, and this showed from the very first whistle. Rage City featured an overwhelming jammer rotation with Killa Magilla, JENetically Evil, and Pain Maker Sally all becoming lead jammer three out of their first four jams. Early on it was Killa Magilla putting Rage City ahead with her seemingly effortless seven and eight point jams and Jen Evil’s unrivaled speed around the turns. It wasn’t until the sixth jam that Fairbanks was able to get two points on the board.

At no time during the first period did it look like Fairbanks had a chance. The pack was dominated by the likes of Lethal Lavender, Tenacious Leigh, and Blitzkrieg Baker positioning themselves as well as their teammates. These unsung heroes of derby put their well-earned reputation as hard hitters on display. There were several perfectly timed (and perfectly legal) pancake blocks that made the crowd gasp and Fairbanks cringe. This correspondent heard rumors that Rage City will be installing signs on the ceiling of the venue reading “IF YOU CAN READ THIS THEN BLITZKRIEG BAKER LIT YOU UP” and “IT’S EVERYTHING PERSONAL, LOVE, DEUCE GUNNER.”

Rage City’s cohesive teamwork was on full display midway through the first period when lead jammer Pain Maker Sally was sent to the penalty box with less than forty seconds on the jam clock, and the Fairbanks jammer closing in on the pack. Frost*Sting was skating pivot with Deuce Gunner, Razor Burns, and Tenacious Leigh in the pack. Immediately they increased their speed. As a unified platoon they raced through the turns, walling off any Fairbanks skater who dared to break through. The clock ticked down. When the jam clock read zeros no more points had been scored against Rage City.

By the end of the first period, Rage City was leading 76-27.

The Fairbanks skaters spent half-time stoking their fires with the scoring gap, and mounted a vicious second second-half offensive. During the first five jams of the second half, with determined and skilled jams by Pyroclastic Flo, DestrucTIFF Force, TaRayZa Bita Hell, and Brass Buckles, Fairbanks had managed to chip away at Rage City’s lead, scoring 17 points to Rage City’s 10. Rage City’s Coach War Hag called a timeout to refocus and inspire her team. With profanity.

The skaters returned to their spots on the track, and Jen Evil once again donned the star cap. Like so many times before, Jen Evil delivered with double digit points and a switch in fortunes, putting out Fairbanks’s fire. It was more than Fairbanks could handle that night and with key jams in the final minutes by Pain Maker Sally and Frost*Sting, Rage City put Fairbanks away. The final score was 140-81.

For halftime, a collaboration of league members from both Rage City and Fairbanks competed in a one period mini-bout to gain track experience and get used to the hard hitting that comes with Woman’s Flat Track Roller Derby. With a solid victory and a sold out crowd, it was no doubt a successful bout for Rage City. But more than that, it was a truly great bout for both of Alaska’s roller derby leagues.

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