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DIC of the Year, Season 6: Brohican Print
Bro is the real deal. He knows the rules and if he doesn't have the right answer he finds it.
Brohican is patient, hilarious, has  a way with words and is always fair. He's a solid DIC with the best interest of derby here in Alaska at heart. We applaud his ability to make calls and be able to back them up. Bro has a calm manner and doesn't SEEM to get very upset.  He puts up with 60 some rollergirls and handles us with firm strong hands.

He washed his gear before we left for Texas.  Which in itself should say something. Bro rocks! He even has fans....

Rage City's DIC of the Year (three years running!) : Brohican 

Photo by Rick Schleyer of Freeze Frame Photography 

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