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Trick or Beat Bout Results Print

Scare Bears 72, Flaming Unicorns 71

Calaveras Bonitas 84, Mummy Militia 87

Scare Bears MVPs: EnPSYCHOpedia Brittanica (J) / Hurtz Jenerator (B)
Flaming Unicorns MVPs: Athena Latina (J) / Jackin' Her Box (B)
Calaveras Bonitas MVPs: Pain Maker Sally (J) / JENetically EVIL (B)
Mummy Militia MVPs: Thai-GRRR (J) / Shocker Khan (B)

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Bout Photos by Dave Bedard
Bout Video by Dave Bedard

Bout Stats (.xlsx format)
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Denali Destroyers vs. Sockeye Sallys Bout Results Print

91 Denali Destroyers vs Sockeye Sallys 146

The Denali Destroyers kicked off the 2012-2013 Alaskan derby season by hosting Rage City's Sockeye Sallys at the MTA Events Center, Saturday, September 15th in Palmer. After Denali put the first points on the board, the Sallys jumped into the lead in the first half, going into halftime in the lead 33 to 90.

Both teams fought hard to put points on the board in the second half, and it looked like Denali might be able to catch up after a few double-digit jams, but the Sallys were able to steadily keep putting points on the board to stay one step ahead, finishing out the second half 91 to 146!

Denali Destroyers MVPs:
Athena Latina (Jammer)
Sheeza Maniac (Blocker)

Sockeye Sallys MVPs:
Diesel Shovebug (Jammer)
Loosenut Lolly (Blocker)

Bout Video by Dave Bedard
Last Updated on Saturday, 10 November 2012 12:47
Denali Destroyers vs. Rage City Rookies Bout Results Print

60 Denali Destroyers vs Rage City Rollergirls 184

The Denali Destroyers closed out their first season by hosting the Rage City Rookies at the MTA Events Center, Saturday, May 12th in Palmer. After a close first few jams, Rage City was able to pull away and maintain their lead for the rest of the bout. Both teams played their hearts out, and the fans mirrored the skater's excitement for a great atmosphere and a great bout!

Denali Destroyers MVPs: Kandi Koated (Jammer) / Sheeza Maniac (Blocker)
Rage City MVPs: Tower Puss (Jammer) / Who Dat? (Blocker)
Last Updated on Friday, 24 August 2012 19:53
Dirty Polli's Win Season 4 Showdown! Print

Dirty Polli'sThe Dirty Polli's maintained their throne as the Rage City champions on Saturday, May 5th in Anchorage, Alaska.

In the first bout of the night, the Devil's Club lead the first half of the bout against the Sockeye Sallys, however the Sallys were able to tie it up 50-50 in the last 3 minutes of the bout, and ended up winning 60 to 52.

Next, the Devil's Club took on the Dirty Polli's, but in the end were unable to gain much traction, losing to the Polli's 70 to 10.

The final bout of the evening pit the two winning teams, the Sockeye Sallys against the Dirty Polli's. However once again, the Dirty Polli's secured the lead and never let it go, winning the bout and securing the championship 129 to 62!

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans who attended, we appreciate all of your support for this bout and all of our bouts this season! We'll be back in October for Season 5, so be sure to watch this website, Facebook, or Twitter for the latest news on that and our summer events!

60Sockeye Sallysvs. Devil's Club52

Sockeye Sallys MVP's: Back Seat Betty (Jammer) / Aubrey (Blocker)
Devil's Club MVP's: Bat Ma'am (Jammer) / Who Dat? (Blocker)

70Dirty Polli'svs. Devil's Club10

Dirty Polli's MVP's: WickedSpeedia (Jammer) / Duece Gunner (Blocker)
Devil's Club MVP's: Bat Ma'am (Jammer) / Shocker Khan (Blocker)

129Dirty Polli'svs. Sockeye Sallys62

Dirty Polli's MVP's: EnPSYCHOpedia Brittanica (Jammer) / NESS U. UP (Blockers)
Sockeye Sallys MVP's: Bitter End (Jammer) / Aubrey (Blocker)

Last Updated on Friday, 24 August 2012 19:53
Rage City @ Dust Devil 2012 Print

340 Rage City All-Stars vs Pacific Roller Derby 55

31 Rage City All-Stars vs Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 455

70 Rage City All-Stars vs Silicon Valley Roller Girls 215

91 Rage City All-Stars vs Pikes Peak Derby Dames 286

The Rage City All-Stars traveled to Tucson, Arizona April 13-15 for the 5th annual Dust Devil tournament, hosted by Tucson Roller Derby. After a resounding win against Pacific Roller Derby, Rage City hit the wall known as the #1 seed Rocky Mountain. Rage City continued to struggle against Silicon Valley and Pikes Peak, ending up in 8th place. Rocky Mountain went on to win the tournament over 2nd place Angel City.

Not only did Rage City get four good WFTDA bouts under their belt, they represented Alaska admirably in this national competition!
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 May 2012 15:53
Rage City All-Stars vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins Bout Results Print

117 Rage City All-Stars vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins 188

The Rage City All-Stars squared off against Killamazoo Derby Darlins on Friday, April 6th. After a strong start by Rage City, Killamazoo pulled ahead 94 to 61 at half-time. Rage City kept fighting in the second half, but was unable to gain much traction, and ended up falling to the Derby Darlins, 117 to 188.

Rage City MVP's: JENetically EVIL (Jammer) / Thai-GRRR (Blocker)
Killamazoo MVP's: Rosie Ferocious (Jammer) / Javelin (Blocker)

Bout Results @ Flat Track Stats

73 Rage City Rollergirls vs. Boom Town Derby Dames 6

The main bout was preceded by a mini-bout with the Rage City 'B' Team vs. Boom Town Derby Dames from Palmer. The Rage City team held off the Boom Town girls 73 to 6 in Boom Town's inaugural bout.

Rage City MVP's: Bitter End (Jammer) / Jackin' Her Box (Blocker)
Boom Town MVP's: Revolution Riot (Jammer) / Reckless DriveHer (Blocker)

Bout Photos by Throwing Wrench
Bout Video
by Dave Bedard

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 November 2012 17:16
Brawl of the Wild 3 Bout Results Print

69FBXRGvs. Rage City All-Stars366

Rage City skated away the victors Saturday, March 3rd in the 3rd annual Brawl of the Wild with a crushing score of 366 to 69! This event also marked the first bout between Rage City and Fairbanks as full WFTDA members!

In addition to the main event, the mini-bout had the Miners vs. Trappers, two teams made up of Rage City skaters. The Miners defeated the Trappers 42 to 32 in this excellent back-and-forth battle!

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales went to benefit the Girl Scouts of Alaska. Thanks to the large turnout for this bout, Rage City was able to donate $1042 to this excellent cause!

The results from this first WFTDA-sanctioned bout have propelled Rage City to #9 in the Western Region and #27 in all regions, according to flattrackstats.com! Rage City will put this ranking to the test on April 6th, when the Rage City All-Stars take on #96-ranked, but more experienced, Killamazoo Derby Darlins.

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans for your continued support!

Rage City MVPs: Lil' Red Vette (Jammer) / Shocker Khan (Blocker)
Fairbanks MVPs: Gitter A Bodybag (Jammer) / unXpected Turbulence (Blocker)

Miners MVPs: The Nubbin (Jammer) / NESS U. UP (Blocker)
Trappers MVPs: Smashmatician (Jammer) / Hurtz Jenerator (Blocker)

Bout Results @ Flat Track Stats
Bout Stats
Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 21:44
Dirty Polli's vs. Juneau Rollergirls Bout Results Print

283 Dirty Polli's vs.  Juneau Rollergirls 41

Rage City hosted the Juneau Rollergirls on January 14th, 2012 at the Denai'na Center in Anchorage, Alaska. The Dirty Polli's skated against the Juneau Rollergirls in Juneau's first ever intra-league bout. The score belies the hard-fought bout that occurred Saturday night. The Juneau Rollergirls never gave up and kept the Dirty Polli's on their toes the entire bout. Juneau is definitely a team to watch, and Rage City looks forward to bouting them again in the future!

As with every bout, a portion of the proceeds went to benefit an Alaskan non-profit organization. Thanks to the support from their fans, the Rage City Rollergirls were able to raise approximately $450 for the Alaska Speedskating Club.

Dirty Polli's: WickedSpeedia (Jammer) & The Deadliest Snatch (Blocker)
Juneau Rollergirls: April Mayhem (Jammer) & Catapult Kim (Blocker)

Bout Photos by Greg Morgan
Bout Video by David Bedard
Bout Stats (PDF)
Last Updated on Sunday, 04 March 2012 13:08
Devil's Club vs. North Pole Babes in Toyland Bout Results Print

149 Devil's Club vs.  North Pole Babes in Toyland 71

Devils Club: Rouge State (Jammer) & Who Dat? (Blocker)
North Pole: Ice Storm (Jammer) & Santa's Sweet Enforcer (Blocker)

Bout Photos by Greg Morgan
Bout Stats (PDF)
Last Updated on Friday, 17 February 2012 08:37
Halloween 4-Team Showdown Results Print
The Rage City Rollergirls hosted a 4-team Halloween Showdown October 29th at the Dena'ina Center in Anchorage. Joining the Rage City Rollergirls were skaters from the Denali Destroyer Dolls in Wasilla and Boom Town Derby Dames in Palmer.

The showdown consisted of 3 half-hour mini bouts, with the winners of the first two bouts fighting it out to be champions. Derby de los Muertos and the Vixen Vamps started off the night, with the dead Muertos defeating the undead Vamps 83 to 31.

Next the Killer Clowns and the Frankenbabes took to the track. The scores were back and forth the entire bout, but the Clowns edged ahead in the final few jams and sliced their way ahead of the Frankenbabes 69 to 52.

The final bout pitted Derby de los Muertos against the Killer Clowns. This hard-fought bout had the two teams neck-and-neck for the entire bout, and at the end of 30 minutes, the score was all tied up. In overtime, the jammers traded points back and forth, and it looked like the overtime jam was going to end in another tie when a penalty sent the Clowns' jammer to the box. Derby de los Muertos was then able to score the winning points with mere seconds left in the final jam, ending one of the most exciting bouts in Rage City history 67 to 64.

Bout 1: Muertos 83 Vamps 31 (Stats [PDF])
Bout 2: Clowns 69 Babes 52 (Stats
Bout 3: Muertos 67 Clowns 64 (Stats

A near-record attendance of 1200 fans came out to watch the action. With their support, Rage City was able to raise almost $475 for charity and fans brought donations of warm socks for Bean's Cafe in Anchorage.

Photo Gallery by Charles Baird
Video by 907nitelife.com
Last Updated on Friday, 17 February 2012 08:38
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