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122Dirty Polli's vs. Sockeye Sallys104

Season 3 is off to a great start! Congratulations to both teams, and thank you to all the volunteers, skaters, refs, and supporters who's hard work made it happen!

In addition to all of the action and excitement, Rage City was able to donate $1150 and 19 bras to AWAIC! Thank you to all of our fans who made this possible! Bras were donated by our fans and a portion of each ticket sale went to this worthy cause!

Congratulations to the MVP's for the bout:
Dirty Polli's: Kung Pow! Kim
Sockeye Sallys: Lethal Lavender

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Rage City Skates Strong at the Battle for the Coast Tournament! Print

Rage City skated to a 2nd-place finish in the Battle for the Coast Tournament B-bracket this past weekend. With only 10 skaters on the roster, this victory took all the skill, determination, and endurance Rage City is famous for!

If you missed the action, or just want to watch it again, links to all of the bout videos are below.

Stop on by our message boards for more information, discuss the bouts, or just to say Congratulations to our wonderful Travel Team!

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